Indochina Soundscraps - TAPE

  • Indochina Soundscraps - TAPE

Recorded by Abigail Smith in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, Nov-Dec 2016. Edited and mixed by Justin Rhody, 2019. Mastered by Theodore Schafer.

Released on cassette (with digital download included) in an edition of 100 copies through Eh? Audio Repository, 2020.

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"A world of so many facets. Sounds pouring though space with infinite attributes. Cadence, chaos, harmony, purpose, sometimes these conditions stand alone and in other instances the aural field is tossed together. Indochina Soundscraps is representative of the conglomeration of the world of sound. From the rhythmic clanking of train wheels rolling on tracks, to the simple ancient flute of ancestral music, these recordings weave the sonic spectrum with concise fluidity... The true beauty of Indochina Soundscraps is how well everything flows together. This fluid degree is so meticulously crafted, the feeling we are welcomed to be there becomes ever present. For anyone who enjoys world music or uniquely special sounds, Indochina Soundscraps holds a value that is pleasantly difficult to measure." -Lost In A Sea Of Sound

"This is the first evidence I can find of [Smith's] work, and it's good... The base sounds seem to be left intact - rather than being treated they're just recontextualized via editing and juxtaposition. The overall effect is artfully transportational in a time where we could all probably stand to be transported." -Byron Coley, The Wire